Write FIR For Lost Pan Card to Police

By | March 21, 2017

Step by Step for Write FIR for Lost Pan Card

Today we are going to share step by step guide for all those who want to write FIR but don’t know how to write FIR for lost pan card.  You can write fir for lost pan card for police. If your pan card is lost then you can also get it online. But this is also help you if they will ask you to submit FIR copy to police station.
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Following we have mention sample copy you can use this copy to give letter to police station.

Sample Copy – 1

Following we have mention sample copy for all those who want to get their lost pan card.
Area Name
your name
your address
your mobile number
Email Id( Optional)
Pan card number(If you remember )

The police officer
Police state name

Respected sir ,
Sub :- Lost pan card – To apply duplicate pan card


While I was shopping in complex near by my home town , I lost my wallet . It contains the valuable information like pan card , aadhar card , and other information . Today , I came here to book an fir for in order to get new one please do register in the subject matter as FIR for lost pan card .

Pan card number :-xxxxxxx
Person name :-xxxxx

Thanking you ,

yours sincerely

Above is sample copy you can write in this format for your lost pan card.
Now check it out another sample copy of application for pan card.
Area Name
The police officer
Police station Name

Respected sir ,

SUB:- Lost pan card fir form


When I was travelling to my native town , while in the bus unfortunately I lost my pan card due over crowded in that bus . So , I would like to apply new one . Please be note this as subject matter and book the fir form , to get the duplicate tax card .

Pan card number :-xxxxx
Name :-xxxxxx

Thanking you ,

Yours sincerely

So, above is all step by step guide for lost pan card. You can check it out below How to Apply Duplicate Pan Card Online. Stay tune for all latest news and update about pan card online.

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